Hello all.

We are excited to announce the release of a special "hand of glory" this year. But not your ordinary hand of glory... oh noooo. This person had polydactylism; meaning more than 5 fingers (7 to be exact). Making it an even more coveted relic. The belief being that the extra fingers made it even more powerful. The hand is cast in polyurethane and resin. Because it is a stiff polyurethane, it will not only look great but it will also feel like the real thing (should you allow people to handle it). And it will basically last forever.

It comes gaffed with a strong neodymium magnet in the palm. This will allow you to do a variety of "interesting things".

It is created by the same craftsman that created "The Bone of The Elders", if you are familiar with that item.

View some pictures via the link below. The hand in the pictures was made for a show in the Perth Fringe Festival 2019 and will be used again this year. It has been "authentically aged" by being covered in tallow (the white stuff). The one you receive will not have this coating. It will be aged in a more durable manner. Each one will be cast by hand from this same mould (pardon the pun).

The dimensions are: 22.5 cm length, 15 cm wide, and about 7 cm in depth (or for my American friends 8.85" x 5.9" x 2.75"), and the weight is approximately: 512 g. (just over 1.12 lb.). I will be updating the weight and dimensions as I start actual production, but I don't expect it to vary all that much. At the end, you will see two pictures for size reference, and one showing the "production line".

This handcrafted gem is $389 USD. It may be pricy, but quality is always worth it!

It's a HALLOWEEN special!!!
For a limited time only... the price of the polydactyl hand of glory has been reduced to its initial offering price. That's right... instead of $389, you can get this for just $259 USD (plus shipping). But hurry up, this price is only good till October 1st.

You are only limited by your creativity.

So get your hands on this hand while it's at this introductory price.

If you are interested, Paypal / email me at: mr.scratch@monkeyfish.design

And as always... be weird!